Legal Floris LLC

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a Caribbean Island which economy continuously receives a stimulus by its role as an international financial center. The island provides a variety of services for foreign direct investment, tax efficient International Business Companies (IBC’s) for non-residents and an economic citizenship program. The confidential nature of the corporate registry attracts a variety of international businesses. Dominica is for example used by internet related business, the gambling industry, consultants and hedge funds to set up their offshore company.

Offshore financial centers, such as Dominica, provide international businesses with an efficient way to operate cross border. However, the domestic infrastructure in these offshore financial centers does not always fit the requirements of economic globalization and thus creating loopholes and other gaps in regulation. Such environments are used legitimately and abused by illicit actors for obscure activities.

Traditionally, Legal Floris LLC helped offshore companies to recover their assets when their (offshore) bank failed. These fund recovery processes required Legal Floris LLC to work with several offshore jurisdictions and (offshore) financial institutions. This experience allowed us to joint venture with Equation CS and set up this website for Dominica Company Formations. Even though advise is based on individual circumstances of a customer and thus tailor made, this website provides general information on the formation of companies in Dominica.

Over the years, Dominica improved its position as an offshore financial center by an increase of financial sector regulation, transparency and market diversification. Still, International Business Companies and those running a Dominica offshore company benefit from a flexible, efficient and thus effective business environment.

Legal Floris LLC provides distinct advice to its clientele via a strategic and holistic service package. Offshore financial services require meticulous and detailed attention. Therefore, alongside the asset and fund recovery services for victims in bank failure and investment fraud, a wide range of corporate activities such as company formation, management, and administration can be provided for qualifying customers. Further information on Legal Floris LLC is available on the companies’ website. For direct contact with one of our representatives, interested parties can call us at 646 513 2855 (USA) and 25 057 544 (Cyprus) or ask their question via the contact form on this website.