Company formation and incorporation in the Commonwealth of Dominica is tailored towards international business and corporate holding activities. The combination of the ease of operating under local regulation with the flexibility of the offshore financial industry triggers an environment for corporate efficiency. It is no wonder that over time many solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, international consultants and other location independent professionals found their way to Dominica for incorporation.

Setting up or forming a company with limited liability in Dominica is simple, fast and affordable. Only when the local and foreign rules and legal frameworks are respected and followed, incorporation leads to maximum efficiency. The International Business Companies Act, for example, has a strict focus on corporate success and growth by limiting passive, inefficient and expensive administrative tasks on the company. In exceptional circumstances, the Dominica IBC is exempt from corporate income tax, VAT and other local taxation.

The incorporation of a Dominica offshore company needs a person with a legal purpose to start a business. The formal procedure for Dominica incorporation includes the verification of the controlling persons and the drafting of formation documents describing the incorporation and the internal procedures to operate. Beneficiaries must pay close attention to these documents because they provide for the opportunities and impossibilities of the Dominica offshore company. 

Like most offshore financial centers, Dominica offers international entrepreneurs and established businesses the opportunity to incorporate legal entities with shielded ownership, limited by shares. This means nothing more than that the company is separated from its shareholders, directors and staff members. As such, there is no direct personal liability for the controlling persons for acts of the company. Individual criminal misconduct can be attributed to the natural person when such conduct is impermissible per se. It follows that a Dominica offshore company cannot be used to hide criminal behavior and refer personal liability. The detachment of the company as a separate legal entity from its ownership and staff is allowed for normal corporate activities and business risks.

Dominica offshore companies are legal entities limited by shares. To incorporate and establish such a company, corporate documentation must be prepared for agreement by the members of the company. The Certificate of Incorporation is delivered to the beneficiary as evidence that the company is incorporated and inserted in the Dominica companies register. The memorandum and articles of association state the internal organization of the designated company, its lawful purpose and the corporate limitations. It is therewith important to consider the business plan and future prospects of the proposed activities now and in the future.

Dominica Incorporation

Offshore companies established in the Commonwealth of Dominica may qualify for limited administrative duties and tax exempt status. These operational advantages are furthered by the cost efficient company structure and affordable annual licensing and corporation fees. Dominica company formation and incorporation is therewith attractive for international entrepreneurs, location independent business people, consultants, digital nomads and those operating virtual or online activities.

Corporate service providers help international professionals to start a new business and incorporate in offshore jurisdictions as Dominica. Dominica qualifies as an offshore financial center and therefore provide global businesses with an efficient and effective environment to conduct their activities. Domestic company laws do not require beneficiaries to relocate to Dominica, however, substance and presence in the country must be warranted. This local existence can be strengthened via a combination of the mandatory use of a local agent and local registered office address, completed by international and professional nominee services and other outsourced activities.

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