Offshore company formation provides international entrepreneurs with freedom and flexibility. The selection of the most convenient jurisdiction is a matter of personal and corporate preference. Dominica gained altitude as an ideal jurisdiction to incorporate for virtual small businesses and solo entrepreneurs around the world. The International Business Company (IBC) discharges the personal liabilities of the owner of the company and limits this liability to the injected share capital. A legal entity therewith shields ownership and control from the legal entity.

Incorporation in Dominica allows entrepreneurs to seek a business base where the rules, regulation and company law are compatible with their needs. The corporate infrastructure of Dominica enables non-residents to utilize the flexible, professional and efficient framework for effective and prosperous entrepreneurship. The companies law limits bureaucracy and unnecessary administration for the IBC as long as activities take place outside the jurisdiction. Counterparts and other third parties might request further information to substantiate and justify collaboration.

Dominica company formation is executed by a corporate service provider in collaboration with a local agent. Equation CS is such a service provider helping professional businesses to incorporate in Dominica, and other (offshore) jurisdictions. To ensure company formation in the adequate jurisdiction, an interview decides on a tailored service package.

Upon the decision for Dominica company formation, the corporate service provider needs to establish the legitimacy of the client. The procedures for customer due diligence include a Know Your Client (KYC) formalities. Documents needed to determine the identity of the client include a certified passport copy, proof of residential address and a bank reference letter. Approval of these documents can lead to the company formation and incorporation process.

The Dominica IBC needs a director and a shareholder before the memorandum and articles of association can be formalized. The company documents that reveal the internal organisation and structure are provided to the beneficial owner. These documents include the certificate of incorporation, the memorandum and articles of association, the appointment of the first director, the share register, and the minutes of the first meeting.

Business people with an interest in Dominica company formation can contact Equation CS via this contact form. We follow up on your request on European business days, Monday to Friday, and strive to set a date for a personal consult within 24 hours after your initial request. In case of urgency, or when a Dominica company needs to be reactivated or reinstated, it is advisable to include this information in your message.