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International business activities can often easily be conducted by using a Dominica offshore or International Business Company (IBC). Local laws in the Commonwealth of Dominica restrict certain activities, and foreign jurisdictions may impose certain requirements for market entry. Yet, for most standard activities, an offshore IBC in Dominica is suitable. Compliance with domestic rules in Dominica may be complemented by specific regulation in other countries. In most countries incumbents are treated the same as local businesses to avoid unfair business practices. As such, foreign bank account opening for the Dominica offshore IBC may reveal some unexpected and undesired requests from the preferred financial institution.

Beneficiaries of Dominica offshore IBC’s can choose their partners and services partners from anywhere in the world. As such, they often open bank accounts with financial institutions in jurisdictions where they understand and appreciate the corporate activities and are familiar with the Dominica offshore IBC. From a risk management perspective, the choice for the financial institution must ensure effective and efficient best practices for the day to day operations, as well as adequate protection in matters of financial distress. Recently, a strong liquidity position has proven to be insufficient, and thus depositor protection can provide an extra layer of security for creditors.

Confidence in the global financial system is crucial for economic activities and international trade. Therefore, the financial system must be protected against abuse. Bank regulation and banking law developed over time. Special recommendations and regulatory requirements apply to the offshore financial industry and IBC’s incorporated in offshore jurisdictions such as Dominica. The characteristics of the industry are in particular vulnerable for money laundering. Disruption of the money laundering stages of placement, layering and integration is needed to protect and maintain public confidence.

For offshore companies, bank account opening can be a lengthy process and daunting task. Contrary to local and personal bank account opening, offshore companies have a different control mechanism and risk profile. Therefore, the financial institutions imposes strict customer due diligence procedures on offshore companies and their beneficiaries. These controls are referred to as Know Your Client (KYC) procedures and involve the verification of the company and its owners.  

Dominica offshore companies and IBC’s lately experience growing scrutiny at the expense of the beneficiary. This applies, among other things, to the opening as well as the maintenance of the bank account. The role of the introducer and the provision of periodic supporting evidence for transactions has an impact on the relationship between the financial institution and the offshore company.

Dominica Bank Account Opening

The bank account of a Dominica offshore company should be cost-efficient, easy to operate, internationally acceptable, safe, but most of all the account must contribute to the overall success of the company. Inexperienced and novice beneficiaries of offshore companies often pay little attention to the selection of their financial partner.

In respect to bank account opening for offshore companies and Dominica IBC’s, beneficiaries should understand that the company laws of Dominica have no territorial effect. Sovereign states therefore have their own regulatory and legal framework and thus may impose distinct rules on market entrants.

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